The Leadership Committee of GFWC-WI has three objectives for the 2018-2020 administration.

  1. The committee is responsible for creating Leadership Development opportunities through the GFWC LEADS and the GFWC-WI Mini LEADS programs. (LEADS stands for Leadership, Education and Development Seminar.)  

  2. The committee is responsible for providing continuing education opportunities - watch for upcoming information as we launch GFWC-WI Mini LEADS U!

  3. The committee is committed to providing leadership promotion opportunities by expanding the leadership information that is available on our website and encouraging attendance at State and District Workshops and Conventions.

Providing these opportunities for Clubwomen in Wisconsin is essential to the ongoing success of our great organization. To that end, we strive to make this site a valuable resource supporting and ensuring strong leadership in GFWC-WI for future generations. We hope that you enjoy the resources and information provided on this, YOUR GFWC-WI Leadership site!

I.   Leadership Development Opportunities

GFWC LEADS (Leadership, Education and Development Seminar)

The committee is responsible for selecting the GFWC-WI 2019 LEADS candidate to attend GFWC LEADS to be held in Austin, TX on Friday, June 28, 2019, the day before International Convention June 29 - July 1.  The GFWC Leadership, Education, And Development Seminar identifies GFWC members at the local level who have the potential and desire to assume leadership positions in their State Federations and/or GFWC on the regional or national level. Participation in GFWC LEADS can help up-and-coming leaders gain the capabilities, confidence, and commitment necessary to pursue and achieve higher offices and serve with distinction. GFWC LEADS is held annually each June on the day before the official opening of the GFWC International Convention.  One attendee from each State Federation is eligible to participate in the annual GFWC LEADS program. 

 LEADS may include the following:

  • Presentations on conflict resolution, public speaking skills, and time management

  • Explanation of GFWC resources, materials, and assistance

  • Discussions on GFWC policies, procedures, and parliamentary law

  • Tips and techniques for pursuing leadership opportunities


It is highly recommended that each State Federation LEADS candidate meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates leadership capabilities at the club level as an active club president, club officer, or club project or committee chairman

  • Exhibits a commitment to the Federation

  • Exhibits an understanding of the GFWC mission of community service, illustrated by programs and projects in which she is or has been involved

  • Demonstrates leadership skills, including, but not limited to, organization, responsibility, trustworthiness, enthusiasm, and flexibility

  • Exhibits an interest in and willingness to pursue higher leadership positions in GFWC

  • Understands and accepts potential expenses involved in participation

  • Has not held elected positions at or beyond the state level (this criterion is recommended in order to encourage potential leaders at the club level to apply)

  • Has not attended a previous LEADS program. Members are eligible to attend only once

  • Agrees to share information gained from participation in LEADS with others in the state federation

  • Agrees to serve on the GFWC-WI Leadership Committee

  • For 2020 and following, the candidate must be a GFWC-WI Mini LEADS graduate.


GFWC demonstrates its commitment to training leaders by funding a portion of the candidates’ expenses, including:

  • Stipend of $250 for travel

  • Lodging allowance of half of the double room rate for two nights at the Convention hotel

  • Breakfast and lunch during the LEADS program

  • Checks will be distributed to candidates upon attendance and completion of the seminar.

LEADS attendees are expected to be responsible for a portion of their expenses as an affirmation of their personal commitment to their leadership development and training. LEADS participants are responsible for making their own travel and lodging arrangements. GFWC-WI has a budget of up to $750 to underwrite a portion of our candidate’s eligible expenses. 

Now is the time for clubs to begin the process to identify their nominee as the 2019 WI LEADS candidate to attend LEADS at GFWC International Convention to be held in Austin, Texas. The nominee selection criteria, application and guidelines for selection are available below. The deadline for application submission to the WI Leadership Committee is 1/31/19. For additional information, please contact Mary Meek at

GFWC-WI Leads Selection Process

GFWC-WI Leads Application

Return the above form by 1/31/19, along with two letters of support from active GFWC club members to:  

GFWC-WI Leadership Committee

c/o Michelle Munoz – 2019 Wisconsin LEADS Nominee Selection Chairman

39129 N. Aberdeen Lane

Beach Park, IL 60083

GFWC-WI Mini LEADS (Leadership, Education and Development Seminar)

GFWC-WI Mini LEADS is designed for new leaders or potential leaders at the club level. We understand that providing new club officers and program chairwomen (who are elected/appointed every two years) with the information needed to do an efficient and effective job will help them to feel more confident and capable in their decision to say “YES” in stepping up to leadership.  Again, this program is designed to support our clubs and also our districts. 

Your Fall 2018 GFWC-WI Mini LEADS Graduates!

2018 Mini LEADS Graduates.png

II. Continuing Education Opportunities


In support of our WI State President's leadership directive, WI Mini LEADS programs will be offered at each state meeting consisting of at least one per year at the 101 level, one offering more in depth information as requested by the 101 graduates and other leadership development and information sessions by request or as selected by the Leadership Committee. These more in depth sessions will be known as 201 seminars. This expanded leadership training schedule requires a tremendous commitment of your WI Leadership team and thus requires your support to be a successful resource.  I’m sure that you will agree that GFWC-WI Mini LEADS U is a wonderful benefit of your affiliation with our state organization.  Just one of many, so watch for additional information on upcoming opportunities to attend GFWC-WI Mini LEADS.

III. Leadership Promotion Opportunities

  • GFWC International Leadership Information - The GFWC Club Manual has a great article on leadership success. Click here to learn more!

  • GFWC News and Notes - click here for another great source of information!

  • Click here for Upcoming GFWC-WI Events

  • Ted Talks Information, click here

The GFWC-WI Leadership Committee Members

The committee includes the following members Michelle Munoz: Director of Junior Clubs, Kia LaBracke: WI-LEADS 2002, Diane Cychosz: WI-LEADS 2005, Linda Rundle: WI-LEADS 2006, Kristina Higbee: WI-LEADS 2009, Melisa Schmidt-Zettle: WI-LEADS 2010, Loretta Caron: WI-LEADS 2013, Abby Lorenz: WI-LEADS 2014, Sue Bednarek: WI-LEADS 2015, Janice Curtiss: WI-LEADS 2016, Sue Bessert: WI-LEADS 2018 and chairwoman Mary Meek: WI-LEADS 2017.

For GFWC-WI LEADS Graduates