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GFWC-WI Mini LEADS (Leadership, Education and Development Seminar)

GFWC-WI Mini LEADS is designed for new leaders or potential leaders at the club level. We understand that providing new club officers and program chairwomen (who are elected/appointed every two years) with the information needed to do an efficient and effective job will help them to feel more confident and capable in their decision to say β€œYES” in stepping up to leadership.  Again, this program is designed to support our clubs and also our districts. 

Your Fall 2018 GFWC-WI Mini LEADS Graduates!

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The GFWC-WI Leadership Committee Members

The committee includes the following members Michelle Munoz: Director of Junior Clubs, Kia LaBracke: WI-LEADS 2002, Diane Cychosz: WI-LEADS 2005, Linda Rundle: WI-LEADS 2006, Kristina Higbee: WI-LEADS 2009, Melisa Schmidt-Zettle: WI-LEADS 2010, Loretta Caron: WI-LEADS 2013, Abby Lorenz: WI-LEADS 2014, Sue Bednarek: WI-LEADS 2015, Janice Curtiss: WI-LEADS 2016, Sue Bessert: WI-LEADS 2018 and chairwoman Mary Meek: WI-LEADS 2017.

For GFWC-WI LEADS Graduates