GFWC-WI Juniors

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Junior Special Program for 2018-2020

The Junior Special Program for the next two years will be on Children Advocacy, not specifically focusing on one organization. Michelle Munoz, State Director of Junior Clubs, says, "I do love the organization, Operation Smile which is one of the GFWC Partnership programs. Many of us have already been supporting this organization and I will continue supporting it through my administration."  Additionally, Michelle would like to support a Burn Camp for children, so she plans to look for a leading camp in Wisconsin through the Professional Firefighters Association.

Children are the future and we need to support them wherever we can.  These days bullying is big in the news and it is saddening to hear of 10-13 year olds taking their lives because of these bullies. We need to show both adults and kids kindness everyday - that is why the Junior motto is “Kindness Starts with a SMILE”.

Junior Cookbook 2018

Click here for the cookbook compiled in 2018.

Junior of the Year (JOY)

The Junior of the Year nomination information is available by clicking here.