Emergency Medical Services for Children

This Special Project combines the strengths of the General and Junior clubs to accomplish one remarkable project - the now nationally known EMSC pediatric bags for ambulances project. 

Clubs will work together, funding specialized bags that put critical pediatric emergency equipment and supplies in one place for Wisconsin's ambulances.   

These "ped bags" will enable EMS (Emergency Medical Service providers) to respond to pediatric calls with organized, easily accessible, and properly sized equipment.

This is This is a very important project. Despite advances in technology, it is rare that “equipment” changes make a real difference in patient care—-most likely come through better education and “enforcement” (or protocols that are evidence-based). Here in this ALS (and BLS) bag, with ingenuity and a new perspective on the same equipment (just different sizes), this arrangement may actually make the difference in patient care. I’m sure it will reduce time spent in the field as well as stimulate better education and allow protocol adoption just by drawing attention to it.

Thank you all for your commitment to pediatric preparedness.
— Tom Brazelton, MD, MPH University of Wisconsin Children's Hospital and EMSC Wisconsin Advisory Board

Collaborate on the Emergency Medical Services for Children
Pediatric Bags for Ambulances Project


I know that children in Waukesha County will receive better care because of the proactive approach that your group has taken, the effort to provide all Fire and EMS departments in the county with specialized pediatric equipment is a godsend.
— Alex Felde, Chief Town of Brookfield Fire Department and President, Waukesha County Fire Chiefs' Association
I just wanted you to know that we had a speaker from Hartland yesterday. He came to thank us for the jump kit. They had an opportunity to use it immediately when an 11 month old was choking. He was sure it helped save that child’s life and was very appreciative for the kit.
— Linda Nielson, GFWC Hartland Woman's Club

Children are NOT Small Adults!!! 

"The physiologic, anatomic, developmental and emotional characteristics of children, and their unique health care needs, make it difficult for care providers to meet those needs optimally in adult-patient oriented...emergency medical services (EMS) systems.  Effective emergency care for children requires specialized training and equipment.  These important differences, and the continued presence of a significant gap in the delivery of emergency care in the pediatric population, are the rationale behind the federal EMSC program. Carol Berkowitz, MD, FAAP, President, to the Committee on Energy and Commerce explaining why EMSC must be kept and federally funded.


As of 4/30/11, 97% of EMS departments carry Ped Bags on all ambulances, positively affecting over 30,000 children each year. The standard of care for children in need of emergency medical care has dramatically changed in Wisconsin due to our effort and dedication. This is an extraordinary accomplishment. GFWC members are amazing!!