Community Service Programs

For  more information from GFWC International, check out the GFWC Club Manual.

There are six major Community Service Program areas as outlined by GFWC International.  They are listed below along with the GFWC - WI chairwomen and possible ideas.
































Arts -  Kristina Higbee   

Latest Newsletter from GFWC International Chairwoman



Conservation - Karen Ostrowski

Trees for Tomorrow is a non-profit natural resources accredited specialty school whose mission is to deliver balanced, objective information on the management and use of trees, forests, and our natural resources.  They educate and promote the skills needed by our youth and older citizens to support the renewal of our natural resources for future generations.  GFWC-WI is a partner and supporter of "Trees".

Our focus for the 2018-20 administration will be to raise money to provide scholarships and to provide a plaque to commemorate their 75th Anniversary which will be celebrated in 2019.  Our goal is to have each club and District pledge $75 or every member give 75 cents.  This would allow us to achieve both goals.

The first collection will be taken at the September workshop, so have your coins ready.  Let's get started on our Platinum Jubilee fundraiser!


Education - Julie Riemenschneider





Home Life - Deb Strecker

There are four Home Life GFWC Partners:

Other suggested programs for Home Life:

Direct any questions regarding projects that do not involve GFWC partners to the 2014-2016 GFWC Home Life Community Service Program Chairman Anne Redlus (609-828-1970), or GFWC Programs department at

International Outreach - Loretta Caron

All the programs are described in this PDF. Click here.

Lastest Newsletter from GFWC International Chairwoman

Operation Smile

“Every three minutes, a child is born with a cleft lip and/or cleft palate. 

A donation of $240 helps provide surgery for waiting children.  Your donation can give a child a new smile and a life filled with possibilities.”  Another way to get involved is to order a kit for your club.  A kit includes patterns for both the gown and the No-No Armband.  Also ask for the DVD featuring Roma Downey.  It would be a wonderful heartwarming addition to your meeting.   Many clubs collect items for the Smile Bags.  Details are in a kit.

Operation Smile Service Project Ideas, click here.

Operation Smile Service Toolkit, click here.

Victoria Rusu-Ebert at

“One child dies every 20 seconds from a disease that could be prevented from with a vaccine. Why? Because one in five children lacks access to the life-saving immunizations that keep children healthy.”

Protect 5 children against polio for as little as $5.  Donations are needed and your club may wish to participate in letter-writing campaigns, attending public meetings, and even holding information sessions with elected officials to advocate on the importance of life-saving vaccines for children in developing countries.  Educate your clubwomen about life-saving immunizations.

Rebecca Maxie at   

“Every night, one in eight people in the world goes to bed hungry.  At the heart of the solution are smallholder-farming families…and women.”

Request a GFWC Program Kit: “12 Stones” DVD, brochures and Heifer Gift Catalogs, and animal button pins.  The DVD is about 20 minutes and makes for a wonderful meeting program; it’s a beautifully done documentary of our work that was filmed about our work with women farmers in Nepal. We are currently holding an online fundraising campaign for GFWC to help rebuild our work in Nepal during the aftermath of the earthquakes (click here for more information).

Asmi Patel at

For more than six decades, GFWC has supported UNICEF, the United States Fund, in its efforts to ensure the world’s most vulnerable children have access to health and immunizations, clean water, nutrition, education, emergency and disaster relief and more.

Request the “End Child Trafficking” flier for your club.  Donate (click here for donation flyer) to support the continuation of the End Trafficking project.  Learn how to spot the signs of trafficking. Download the End Trafficking postcard at trafficking.  Use End Trafficking resources to educate and mobilize. They are free to download on the U.S. Fund for UNICEF website.  Hold a screening of Not My Life.  Facilitate a discussion afterward about ways to take action. Email to learn how you can get a copy of the film and discussion guide.  Make your meetings Fair Trade!  Visit to identify fair trade coffee, tea, chocolate, and other products you can serve that are made without child or slave labor.  Advocate! Visit advocate/end-child-trafficking.

Mansi Mehta at

Public Issues - Diane Cychosz

The GFWC Community Service Program, Public Issues, is designed tomake your club members aware of civic and social responsibilities in your communities and to help you find effective projects and activities relating to this program. 

Partnerships in Public Issues are the Kettering Foundation (an independent non-partisan research organization), USO & all related USO projects such as USO2GO, Operation Phone Home, Sesame Street/USO Experience, USO Warrior & Family Centers and all USO Centers.

Wisconsin will once again be promoting the Quilts of Valor program.  Patriotic quilts that are made and presented to military personnel as a way of saying “thank you for your service”.  These quilts are throw-size, usually patriotic colors, machine quilted, labelled with a QOV label and also include a presentation case.  Quilts are accepted in any stage of completion.  We accept fabrics, quilt tops, batting, threads, etc.  If you do not want to make your own label, I will have QOV labels you can get and simply fill out and sew onto your quilts.  Please see the two pages of instructions here:  page 1 and page 2.  For further information regarding this program contact me.  Any work done for Quilts of Valor would be reported under Public Issues, NOT Public Issues Partnership.

Latest Newsletter from GFWC International Chairwoman