Member Short Story and Poetry contests are open to any dues paying club member of GFWC-WI who creatively write as a hobby and makes less than $500.00 annually on manuscripts.

Every member of GFWC-WI is encouraged to submit a short story and/or poem directly to the Wisconsin State Writing Contest Chair. There is no need to have a club or district contest. Submissions go directly to the state. The entries will be judged and the winner in each category is submitted to the International GFWC Writing Contest Chairman for competition. GFWC-WI will submit one poem and one story to GFWC. Entries are due by the end of February and can either be mailed via USPS or emailed as a Word attachment to the State Contest Chair. The stories and poems must have been written in the year before you submit them. Only one entry per member per category is allowed.

All entries must include a signed GFWC Creative Arts Waiver found on page 17 of the contest instructions!

Click here for the Word version of the 2018-2020 Contest instructions.

Click here for the PDF version of the 2018-2020 Contest instructions.

Winners announced at the 2019 GFWC-WI State Convention can be found by clicking here.