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The Leadership Committee of GFWC-WI has three objectives for the 2018-2020 administration.

  1. The committee is responsible for creating Leadership Development opportunities through the GFWC LEADS and the GFWC-WI Mini LEADS programs. (LEADS stands for Leadership, Education and Development Seminar.)  

  2. The committee is responsible for providing continuing education opportunities - watch for upcoming information as we launch GFWC-WI Mini LEADS U!

  3. The committee is committed to providing leadership promotion opportunities by expanding the leadership information that is available on our website and encouraging attendance at State and District Workshops and Conventions.

Providing these opportunities for Clubwomen in Wisconsin is essential to the ongoing success of our great organization. To that end, we strive to make this site a valuable resource supporting and ensuring strong leadership in GFWC-WI for future generations. We hope that you enjoy the resources and information provided on this, YOUR GFWC-WI Leadership site!

The GFWC-WI Leadership Committee Members

The committee includes the following members Michelle Munoz: Director of Junior Clubs, Kia LaBracke: WI-LEADS 2002, Diane Cychosz: WI-LEADS 2005, Linda Rundle: WI-LEADS 2006, Kristina Higbee: WI-LEADS 2009, Melisa Schmidt-Zettle: WI-LEADS 2010, Loretta Caron: WI-LEADS 2013, Abby Lorenz: WI-LEADS 2014, Sue Bednarek: WI-LEADS 2015, Janice Curtiss: WI-LEADS 2016, Sue Bessert: WI-LEADS 2018 and chairwoman Mary Meek: WI-LEADS 2017.

For GFWC-WI LEADS Graduates