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In support of our WI State President's leadership directive, WI Mini LEADS programs will be offered at each state meeting consisting of at least one per year at the 101 level, one offering more in depth information as requested by the 101 graduates and other leadership development and information sessions by request or as selected by the Leadership Committee. These more in depth sessions will be known as 201 seminars. This expanded leadership training schedule requires a tremendous commitment of your WI Leadership team and thus requires your support to be a successful resource.  Iā€™m sure that you will agree that GFWC-WI Mini LEADS U is a wonderful benefit of your affiliation with our state organization.  Just one of many, so watch for additional information on upcoming opportunities to attend GFWC-WI Mini LEADS.

The GFWC-WI Leadership Committee Members

The committee includes the following members Michelle Munoz: Director of Junior Clubs, Kia LaBracke: WI-LEADS 2002, Diane Cychosz: WI-LEADS 2005, Linda Rundle: WI-LEADS 2006, Kristina Higbee: WI-LEADS 2009, Melisa Schmidt-Zettle: WI-LEADS 2010, Loretta Caron: WI-LEADS 2013, Abby Lorenz: WI-LEADS 2014, Sue Bednarek: WI-LEADS 2015, Janice Curtiss: WI-LEADS 2016, Sue Bessert: WI-LEADS 2018 and chairwoman Mary Meek: WI-LEADS 2017.

For GFWC-WI LEADS Graduates