Leadership Team

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Executive Committee

District Presidents

Deb Brossard

Deb Brossard Headshot 2017.jpg

First Vice President
Abby Lorenz

Abby Lorenz.jpeg

Second Vice President                      Dean of Departments
Janice Curtiss

Janice Curtiss.jpeg

Recording Secretary
Nancy Niedziela

Nancy N.jpg

Corresponding Secretary   
Mary Pike

Mary P.jpg

Treasurer                                            Nancy Dickman

Nancy D..jpg

Director of Junior Clubs                  Michelle Munoz

Michelle Munoz.jpeg

Parliamentary Advisor

Paula Schlice

Paula Schlice.jpeg

Dean of District Presidents             Abby Lorenz

Abby Lorenz.jpeg

Lakeshore District  
Dorothea Lannin


Northern Lights District                 Jean Rovney

Jean Rovney.jpg

Northwoods District                        Sandy Gehin

Sandy .jpg


Rolling Hills District  
Nancy Dickman

Nancy D..jpg

Southern Prairies District                Maureen Miller

Rivers and Lakes District
Sue Bednarek

Sue B.jpg

Junior Board of Directors

Director of Junior Clubs   
Michelle Munoz

Michelle Munoz.jpeg

Director-Elect of Junior Clubs   
Tammy Welter


Junior Secretary

Laurie Muffler

Laurie M.jpg

Junior Treasurer   

Michele Fuehrer

Michele F.jpg

Junior Special Program Chairwomen

Junior Fundraising Chair         

 District Junior Directors

Lakeshore District    
Carolyn Mitchell

Northern Lights District    

Northwoods District  

Rolling Hills District    

Missy Kimball  

Rivers & Lakes District

Southern Prairies District    
Tammy Welter